Thursday, December 6, 2007

The weather outside ....

is cold. No. It is cold, cold, cold. This morning a wintry fog had settled in. Very pretty, but cold. The people who "know" weather are calling for some snow tonight.
I have been busy working, caring for loved ones, preparing for the holidays. Trying to get it all where I want it...
This blog is a new one for me and I will write here when I am able, what I am able. It is my blog, and what I write, when I write, how I write, if I write, will always be my choice. Reading it will always be the reader's choice.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First "real" post

How time flies when there is much to be done.

I started this in the hopes of having a place (of my very own) to come to, to grow, to share, to learn, and perhaps to meet people of like minds. It's curious, my beginning here on Blogger. In life, I am a very private person and I find it curious that I wish to do something like this. How my time here (and my posts here) proceed, will be something very telling, I think...

On another note, I like lists, so I will share a few today.

Five Things I Did Over the Weekend:
1. went for a walk in the woods
2. about 7 loads of laundry
3. caught some fish (bluegill)
4. tried a new recipe for a Chicken Pasta bake, which turned out just "okay"
5. read (finally) the premiere issue of the second coming of "Victoria" magazine. (Not quite like the first incarnation. I am hoping it becomes closer to what it once was.)

Five Things I Am Looking Forward to Today:
1. funds hitting my bank account
2. a bubble bath
3. a good salad
4. the warm rain that is predicted for later today
5. making art

Thursday, October 18, 2007

First post

Just settling in...